Sing Investments & Finance Fixed Deposit Promo: Get Up To 3.95% p.a. (Updated 22 November 2022)

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Sing Investments & Finance Fixed Deposit promotion for November 2022, enjoy a promotional interest rate of up to 3.95% p.a. on your Singapore Dollar Time/Fixed Deposit.

  • The minimum placement amount is S$20,000

To enjoy these interest rates, make a fresh fund placement today!

*Fresh funds usually refer to funds that do not originate from any existing account with the Bank and funds that are not withdrawn and re-deposited within the last 30 days of opening your Time Deposit.


Placement Amount
Minimum S$20,000
3.20% p.a.
3.80% p.a.
3.85% p.a.
Minimum S$50,000
3.45% p.a.
3.85% p.a.
3.90% p.a.
Minimum S$200,000
3.50% p.a.
3.90% p.a.
3.95% p.a.

Note: For early withdrawal of your Time Deposit, an early withdrawal fee may be applicable and you may receive lesser or no interest at point of withdrawal.

Check here for more information.

Terms & Conditions: Sing Investments & Finance FD

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