Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered Revision of Current and Savings Accounts Interest Rates (April 2021)

Standard Chartered is having a downward revision of its Current and Savings Accounts Interest Rates on 1st April 2021.

Sorry, it’s not april fool’s joke 😢


These accounts listed below will have their interest rate cut from 0.03% p.a. to 0.01% p.a.

  • Cheque and Save
  • Credit Manhattan
  • Dash Easy
  • Junior Savings (Higher Education Savings Plan)
  • NUS Alumni
  • OneAccount
  • Preferred Current
  • Private Bank Cash
  • Securities Settlement
  • SuperSalary
  • Savings Account (Supersave / Trust Supersave)
  • Wealth Lending Settlement
  • World Partner Chequing
  • Xtrasaver

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