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How To Cancel GIRO Payment OCBC

You probably have a long list of approved GIRO payments for your OCBC account.

Some might not be active anymore.

Want to cancel those inactive ones?

You can cancel GIRO payments by:

  1. Send a request using secured email through OCBC online banking
    • Log in to online banking
      Go to “Mailbox” and click on “Compose Mail”
    • Changes will take effect in 2 working days
  2. Give the customer service center a call @ 1800 363 3333
    • Changes will take immediate effect.
  3. Download and fill-up the GIRO termination form and send back to them
    • Changes will take effect within 1 working day upon receipt of the form

I hope this article helped you cancel those unwanted GIRO payment arrangements.

How To Cancel GIRO Payment OCBC 1
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