How To Cancel OCBC Credit Card

Do you have an OCBC credit card that you seldom use?

It will be wise to cancel it if you rarely utilize it.

As you don’t use it to make payments as much, you might be less inclined to check the bank’s statement, and you might miss the payments or annual fees incurred.


The chances that your OCBC credit card be used for unauthorized transactions will also be greatly reduced.

Things To Do Before Cancelling Your OCBC Credit Card

  • Pay any outstanding balance, make sure its $0 balance.
    • Cancel any installment plans by making full payments
  • Redeem any remaining reward points if possible.


Cancel OCBC Credit Card

Call OCBC’s customer service department to inform them of your decision to close the account.

  • Call OCBC 24-hour hotline: 1800 363 3333
  • If you are overseas, call: (65) 6363 3333

They will proceed to cancel your card after verifying your identity and asking you the reason for canceling the card,

Make a note of the time, date and the name of the CSO you speak with.

Things To Do After Cancelling Your OCBC Credit Card

  • Check for the last credit card statement, to make sure your card has been canceled.
  • Cut the card into half before discarding it.
  • Check your mailbox, you should receive a confirmation letter from the bank.