How To Change Transfer Limit In POSB/DBS

You can change the transfer limit for POSB/DBS to a larger amount if you need to transfer a bigger sum of money to another account or decrease the limit to reduce the outflow of funds.

The maximum limit for transfer to another POSB/DBS account is S$25,000 and S$50,000 for transfer to other local bank accounts.


The default daily transfer limit:

  • S$5000 to POSB/DBS accounts
  • S$1000 to other local bank accounts

Follow the steps below to change the limit using iBanking.

How To Change Transfer Limit POSB/DBS Using iBanking

You can increase or decrease the transfer limit to other POSB/DBS accounts or other local bank accounts by following these steps:


– Login to your DBS/POSB Internet Banking platform.

  1. Go to “Transfer” -> Click on “More Transfer Services
  2. Under “Manage Recipients and Transfers” -> Click on Change Local Transfer Limit.
  3. Choose the Transfer Type that you want to change (Other DBS or POSB account/Other local bank account)
  4. Select a New Limit amount
  5. Click “Next
  6. Verify your information and click “Submit
POSB iBanking Login
Change Local Transfer Limit POSB DBS

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