How to Send Money from Singapore to China for Free Using DBS and Alipay

DBS Bank has partnered with Alipay to provide a seamless and cost-effective money transfer service. This partnership offers a platform for DBS users to transfer funds to Alipay users in China with zero fees using the DBS Remit function on the digibank app.

The transfer is free of charge and takes place on the same-day. All you need is the recipient’s mobile number.


How To Send Money To Alipay Users

  1. Make sure you have the digibank app installed on your mobile device.
    • If you are new to digibank, download the app and sign up with MyInfo to gain access.
  2. Launch the digibank app.
    • Start by tapping on “Overseas Transfer.”
  3. Enter the amount you wish to send and provide the recipient’s details.
    • Ensure that you enter the recipient’s mobile number correctly.
  4. Review your transfer details.
    • Make sure all details are correct before proceeding.
  5. Tap “Transfer Now” to complete the transaction.
    • The funds will be sent to Alipay users in China with zero fees.