What Is DBS/POSB Cheque Clearing Time?

You deposited a cheque and …. you wondered when the funds will be available after you drop the cheque at one of the Quick Cheque Deposit Box.

How long for the cheque to clear local banks depends on what time the cheque is deposited.

It typically takes 1 day.


Cheque Clearing Time

Cheques that are deposited via Quick Cheque Deposit Machine (QCM) (POSB) or Quick Cheque Deposit Box (QCD) before the collection time on Monday to Thursday will be available for withdrawal after 2pm the following day.

Bank Cheque Clearing Time

You will need to wait for a few more days for DBS/POSB cheque clearing time if you deposit after 3.30pm from Thursday onward as the funds will only be available the following week.


The following information applies to most of the banks in Singapore such as DBS, OCBC, UOB, Maybank, Standard Chartered, etc.

Cheque Deposit Time

The DBS/POSB cheque deposit cut off time is 3.30 pm and the fund is usually available for use the following day after 2 pm.

The collection timing is as shown below:

Cheque Deposited on:
Funds available:
Monday to Thursday (before 3.30pm)
The following day (after 2pm)
Thursday (after 3.30pm)
Monday (after 2pm)
Friday (before 3.30pm)
Monday (after 2pm)
Friday (after 3.30pm)
Tuesday (after 2pm)
Tuesday (after 2pm)

There will not be collection on Public Holidays.

Information To Write

Provide the following information at the back of the cheque:

  • Full name (Bank’s record)
  • Bank Account Number
  • Contact Number

Cheque Deposit Location