How To Request OCBC Credit Card Annual Fee Waiver

This guide shows you how to request an annual fee waiver for your OCBC credit card.

The annual fee usually cost more than S$100, it certainly hurts our wallets.

You might be able to qualify for an automatic annual fee waiver if you manage to spend above a certain amount on the credit card.

If not, just follow the guide below to save yourself some money.


How To Request OCBC Credit Card Annual Fee Waiver

  • Call OCBC hotline: 1800 363 3333
  • Press 1 for English
  • When prompted, say “Credit card annual fee waiver”
  • When prompted, key in your NRIC number or Credit Card number
  • Follow the instructions


  • SMS to 72323
  • WAV space space
  • (for example WAV S8879899X 1234)

Note: The above methods are only good for first-time waiver requests. If you have been rejected once for the same waiver request, you will need to speak to their service executives on your appeals.


OCBC Automatic Annual Fee Waiver Requirements

ocbc automatic annual fee waiver