How To Set Up GIRO Payment With OCBC

Setting up GIRO is an easy way to pay your bills.

No more missed bills!

This guide shows you how to set up GIRO payment with OCBC.

Set Up GIRO With OCBC Internet Banking

Internet Banking

Login to OCBC iBanking
  • Login to OCBC iBanking

GIRO Services

 GIRO Services
  • Go to “Payments & transfers
    • Click on “GIRO Services

Set Up Your GIRO Payments

Set Up Your GIRO Payments
  • Under “Set up” column
    • Click on the “Set up” link

One Time Password

One Time Password
  • Enter your OTP when prompted
  • Click Submit

Enter GIRO Information

Enter GIRO Information
  • Pay from
    • Select an account to pay from
  • Pay to
    • Select a billing organization
  • Bill reference no.
    • Enter bill reference no
  • Payment limit
    • Optional
  • Contact Info
    • Enter name and contact no.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
  • Tick the agreement box
  • Click “Next”

Note: Within 14 days, the billing organization will let you know if the GIRO application is successful. Keep paying your bills until you receive confirmation from them.


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