OCBC New Notes For Chinese New Year (CNY) 2023

Make plans on how you want to get new notes for CNY 2023 Ang Bao money from OCBC.

You will need to make an online appointment to exchange up to S$1,200 worth of Fit-for-gifting notes (Fit notes) and up to S$1,200 worth of new notes at any OCBC bank branch.


OCBC does not have any pop-up ATM for new notes.

OCBC starts its services on 5 January 2023.

Sections: 🌐Online Reservation 🚶‍♂️Walk-in

OCBC Online Reservation For New Notes

Place an online reservation for CNY New notes and Fit-for-Gifting notes using your OCBC ATM/credit/debit card number and date of birth.

The online reservations service starts on 5 January 2023.

Reservation Dates
Collection Dates
5 to 7 January 2023
10 to 13 January 2023
9 to 11 January 2023
14 to 17 January 2023
13 to 15 January 2023
18 to 21 January 2023
  • Only 1 reservation per customer
  • No amendments allowed after submission
  • Reserve up to S$1,200 for new notes and S$1,200 for fit notes.
  • Visit OCBC’s online notes reservation site.


Denominations available for exchange:

Fit-for-gifting (Fit notes)
(limit per denomination)
New notes
(limit per denomination)
Available in multiples of 100
Available in multiples of 10
Available in multiples of 2
Overall limit

OCBC Branch Walk-In

Branch walk-ins are only allowed for seniors aged 60 years and above OR customers with disability.

If you are not in these categories, do remember to make your reservation online starting on 5 January 2023 if you intend to do branch walk-ins.

For more information: https://www.ocbc.com/personal-banking/campaign/festive-cny-notes-exchange.page

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