Standard Chartered Singapore Debit Cards

If you prefer to have debit cards instead of credit cards, Standard Chartered Bank Singapore has a few debit cards that might meet your needs.

SCB XtraSaver account offers one of the best debit cards with its generous cashback feature, up to 3% CashBack on MasterCard transactions anywhere in the world.


The usage of the MasterCard debit card offered by the SuperSalary account is also not too bad with its attractive 1% CashBack on eligible spending.

Bonus$aver account by Standard Chartered also comes with a Bonus$aver MasterCard debit card. Instead of giving you cashback, it qualifies you for a bonus interest on your deposit balance in your Bonus$aver account.

MyWay is a savings account catered for 55 years old and above. Enjoy healthcare benefits with MyWay debit card.

Money is like gasoline

XtraSaver Mastercard Debit Card

  • Up to 15% CashBack on petrol
  • Up to 3% CashBack on all MasterCard transactions anywhere


SuperSalary Mastercard Debit Card

  • Attractive 1% CashBack

Bonus$aver World MasterCard Debit Card

  • Charge a minimum of S$500 each month to earn up to 1.78% p.a. bonus interest on the first S$100000 in your Bonus$aver

MyWay MasterCard Debit Card

  • Enjoy Healthcare Privileges