Which Bank Is Best For Personal Loan In Singapore?

Looking for the lowest personal loan interest rate in Singapore?

It pays to do some research to save some money off the interest especially when you need the money. You will want to pay as little fees as possible.


I know you have little time to look for the best personal loan Singapore, so we come up with a list of banks that offers low interest for fund transfer in Singapore for you.

From the list,

With Standard Chartered’s Salary Advance offering 0% for first $3,000, it is the best bank for personal loan in Singapore if you are only loaning an amount of $3000 or less.


It seems that Standard Chartered has already removed the Salary Advance account. It is a pity as it used to offer 0% interest for the first $3000.

You can consider DBS Cashline, Citibank Ready Credit or UOB Cashplus as they are offering similar rates, 0% interest and charging only 2.5% p.a. administration fee for 6 months tenure.