How To Change Address In POSB/DBS

So you’ve moved to your new house. Congratulations!

Remember to change the address in POSB/DBS accounts.


It is important to do so ASAP in order not to miss out on any credit card bills or important mails from the bank. Late payment fee sucks.

You can do it through the following 3 ways:

  1. iBanking
  2. AXS Station
  3. Mail-in or at the branch

The easiest way to get it done is via iBanking because you can skip the queues and do it in the comfort of your home. This article shows you how to update the address using iBanking for your POSB/DBS accounts.


How To Change Address In POSB/DBS Using iBanking?

1)Login to your POSB iBanking

POSB iBanking

2) Go to “My Preferences” and select “Update Mailing Address

Change address in POSB

3) Input postal code and click find address. Input Unit number. Check the box at “My Mailing Address” if it is the same as your residential address.

POSB Residential Mailing Adresss

4) Input the effective date of your address change

POSB Address Change Effective Date

You can also use this change of address form.

I hope this article helped you learn how to update the address in POSB/DBS. You may also want to see our guide on how to update mobile number in POSB/DBS.

Quick, go and update your address and house phone number now.