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In the past, I like to look for savings account that offers higher interest rate. I would periodically comb through the major banks to see if they offer any better rates and I would jump from savings account to savings account.

Do you know that you can easily get higher interest (like 20x or more!!!) if you had taken the time to do the research?

It’s hard to request for more pay from your boss, so why not make your existing salary work a little harder?

Hope the articles listed below can be of some help to you.

Savings Account Interest Rate

Singapore Bank Savings Interest Rate list the current interest rate offered by the major banks in Singapore. There is one savings account that offers as high as 3.25% p.a. interest rate!

Fixed Deposits Rates Singapore

Fixed Deposits Rates Singapore list the current fixed deposits rates. There are some very good promotions going on now.

Low Interest For Fund Transfer

Low Interest For Fund Transfer in Singapore list the interest rate and fees for funds transfer from your credit line account.